January 24 & 25, 2019: 11am - 7pm

Flanders Expo Ghent, hall 3

The rough texture of the canvas has been plied over via broad coarse bristle brushes for an impasto feel. The marks have been pasted on in different directions, creating https://www.levitradosageus24.com/ viagra brand online energy and movement to the painting, which I find appealing.


You can reserve your stand on the interactive plan of the hall >>. Just click on the stand you want and fill in the form.

Pay attention: the final allocation of the exhibition stands is done by the organization.

Why participate?

  • All-in standconcept: we build your stand

  • Free catering for exhibitors and visitors

  • You will meet important visitors. These are all the adiences we'll be inviting >>

  • Flexible opening hours

  • Free seminars & conferences during the trade fair

  • Marketing campaign in the Benelux

Consult the rates of the all-in formula >>

Uniform standconcept

From now on, participants no longer have to worry about practical headaches over the assembly or disassembly of the stand they reserve! Everything is arranged for you and is all-inclusive. You only have to take care of the decorative details inside of the stand space! All stands have a fixed height of 3 metres.

All stands will have black walls and black furniture

*Participants involved in the field of ceramics for floor and wall coverings and cladding may also participate, provided that a single brand of tile is presented only once.